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Video SEO Services

Video SEO Services

Video SEO Services

Youtube & other video streaming platforms like Facebook & Instagram are now gaining more popularity. People now prefer to search on Youtube rather than Google. On Youtube, they can visually experience & understand everything.

Youtube videos can help you to generate high-quality leads for your business, help you to get more clients if you are providing services, you can also promote your unique products over there & you can also earn through affiliate marketing by promoting a product from different brands.

All the video streaming platforms work with an advanced algorithm. The ranking will take time if you are uploading a quality video on Youtube, but we can help you to rank faster than ever.

Our team of Google certified SEO experts works with a proven formula that we have created after comprehensive research by understanding how the algorithm works. We are not just limited to SEO; our team can also help you to create video & video ads for your business or services.

Hire us as your Video SEO Services team; we will assure you that you will gain popularity in just a few days…

Why Businesses Need Video SEO Services ?

Almost all the digital marketing companies & marketers focus on Google & social media platforms for ranking that why Youtube & other video streaming platforms have less competition.

If you work with the right formula, you can easily rank your videos & generate high quality leads for your business that converts, it is the best way to promote your services organically.

Our Video SEO services is not just about ranking on Youtube or a particular video streaming platform; we can rank your videos on Google’s first page with advanced SEO techniques.

Benefits of Video SEO

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Why Choose PDS For SEO Services?

4 Years in the SEO Industry

In a long journey of 4 years, we have helped hundreds of startups to grow in the digital marketplace. Not just limited to SEO, PDS is the one-stop destination for all your marketing needs, hire us as your digital marketing partner.

Best Talent in the Industry

We are among the highest-rated companies in India, that's why we attract and retain the best talent in the SEO Industry that helps you to deliver a fast result & effective result. We will take care of all your marketing needs.

Fantastic Results

Check our testimonial page to see the happy stores of our customer; all our clients are satisfied with our work, We have consistently updating ourself with the latest techniques, dedicated to providing you long terms result.

Proven SEO Process

Our team of well experienced Google certified SEO experts work with providing SEO techniques. We first understand your needs & then create the right strategy that works for you, that satisfies all your marketing needs.

Transparentand SEO Reporting

At PDS, our team provides you with time to time reporting; we will send the comprehensive report each month with all keywords you are ranking for, the exact position of keyword, backlinks & all the other stuff.

Account Management

With transparent account management, you are aware of all the things, what has been done & what we are going to do—our team consults with you before going to apply new techniques on your website.

Video Marketing FAQs

A video marketing company conducts SEO for video. It helps distribute and promote video content the right way, increasing views, clicks, subscribers and engagement.

Videos are the present and the future! It is estimated that 80% of the internet will be video by 2022. Video is short, digestible, and engaging - consumers love it. Marketers should engage in video marketing because it tells a story, has great ROI, increases awareness, and helps you stay ahead of the competitors.

YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine. Almost 500 billion hours of video is watched on YouTube every day. YouTube is valuable for marketing because it can help you reach new and existing audiences, build your traffic and brand awareness and boost search engine rankings. YouTube videos can be embedded on social media and email - creating shareability and credibility.

Get your brand discovered through video by creating a marketing strategy for YouTube. Understand your audience and create a consistent strategy for engaging content. Collaborate and participate - they will help you move beyond your existing pool of viewers. Ensure that the video links back to your website and has a clear CTA.

YouTube SEO is possible through critical analysis and passionate attention to detail. A long strategy for keyword research and creating engaging content to match your audience’s preferences is the first step. Optimizing the video’s title and description comes next, followed by tracking their performance. The first 48 hours are crucial! User engagement is the other important piece to YouTube SEO - more engaging videos rank better.

Conduct keyword research keeping in mind the audience’s preferences and the competitive landscape. With the help of this keyword research, optimize a video’s title, description, tags and annotations to make it more discoverable. Track views, engagement, subscribers, and ranking - and revise your strategy accordingly.

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