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Web Hosting Servcies

Web Hosting Servcies

Web Hosting Servcies

The speed of the website matters most; Google will not rank you on the first page if your website takes time to load.

When it comes to page speed, hosting plays an important role, all your website designed & developed with us hosted on a powerful server like Digital Ocean & AWS.

No matter how big websites or complicated CMS you have, our team fully optimizes it for speed & hosts them on a powerful server in order to offer you fast loading & user experience.

We host websites on different types of hosting, including Shared Hosting, Dedicated Server & E-commerce Hosting depending upon the traffic & size of the website.

Hosting is not just about speed; the IP also matters. In order to protect your website from all types of Google Penalty, we will offer you a dedicated IP for your website.

All our hosting serves uses SSD storage, DDR4 RAM & Powerful processors for blending fast speed. Renewal & transfer of the website is entirely free with us; You just have to pay us annual cost, our team will take care of all the things, Even if your website is currently hosted on other servers we will help you to transfer it with us.

We offer a wide variety of Web Hosting Servcies ?

Dedicated Hosting

We use AWS & Digital Ocean server for hosting; All our servers are entirely flexible & easy to upgrade; you can improve your server at any point without experiencing a downtime.

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is for those who run small websites or startups; our shared hosting also offers your Speed, SSL, Security, Dedicated IP & Large SSD store & easy to use c-panel.

Ecommerce Hosting

We are the mind behind lots of full-fledged e-commerce solutions; we can host your website on optimized ecommerce hosting, no matter how many products you have, always offers you lightning-fast speed.

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Why Choose PDS For Web Desgin and Development?

Professional Team

At PDS, we have a team of creative professional web designers & developers who create a stunning website that becomes the identity of your business.

Project Management System

With an effective project manager, you are always aware of what we have done & what we are going to do, we are entirely transparent with our customers.

Personalized and Consultative Approach

It is not just about creating a website; we are dedicated to offering you the site that matches the need of the business or industry you are working with.

Experienced Team in the Industry.

In our 4 years of a long journey, we have created hundreds of stunning websites & we are also the mind behind lots of full-fledged industrial frameworks.

Timely Quality Control

Your project will be completed without the time; We work with the fully-planned and time-boxed project plan so that we can deliver you on time. We settle issues as they arise.

Website Hosting FAQs

Web hosting involves renting space on a server and bandwidth from a provider so that you can publish your website online. It's available in two flavors: Free and ad-based or paid and ad free. With the latter option, you have complete control over your site's content.

Perfect Digital Solution accepts credit cards, Debit Card, online Transfer, Net Banking, UPI, PayPal, checks.

Your site can be uploaded in many ways, but the most popular is FTP.

When your hosting account was created, you were provided with an FTP account. Using software such as CuteFTP or WS_FTP, you can log into your host.
Then, using the program like a normal windows program, you drag and drop files onto your Web host's server. These files become live online instantaneously.
There are other ways to upload your site, including Secure Shell (SSH) or uploading files through your browser.

Flash is a client-side program, which means it runs on the user's computer, not on your Web host's server. As long as the user has the correct browser plugin installed, it will run on the computer.

No. As long as the domain is registered in your name, you can simply update your name servers to point to your new host.

EASE STEPS Our Web Hosting Working Process

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